Venaware, providing software and database solutions for over 25 years.

.NET Development
The Microsoft .NET Framework allows businesses to build mobile, desktop and web applications that run on Windows PCs, devices and servers. It provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that are visually stunning, seamless and secure. It’s .NET Core and ASP.NET Core provide a fast and modular platform for creating server applications that run on Windows, Linux and Mac.
.NET Architecure and Design Consulting
Our expert architects can provide a series of architecture-related services to ensure a successful solution design. We can architect applications, services and components using field proven .NET best practices to provide scalability, availability and manageability. Whether it’s custom development of a well-architectured solution for your business from the ground up or it’s re-engineering, re-factoring, or enhancing existing .NET applications and web sites that may not have been implemented to your satisfaction, rest assured that we’ll work closely with our clients to ensure a successful solution.
Microsoft SQL
Your database is an integral part of your business. Venaware can be your full-service Microsoft SQL Server consultants, available on-demand to provide effective solutions built around your needs, your budget and your ambitions. With an expertise in database performance optimization, we can help your database meet your growing business needs. As your on-call remote DBAs, we’re extremely flexible, whether you need a one-time fix, recurring monthly services, or an indefinite engagement. Some of the database services we can provide, but are not limited to are development of database services, installation and upgrade for your database, database administration and maintenance, managing database security and permissions, database optimization and performance enhancement, import and data export services, database schema design, automated backup and verification design and implementation, and many more.
Venaware has worked with clients in various industry including Healthcare, Communications, Logistics, and Retail.

We help clients and their businesses succeed.

Solutions. Experience. Skills.

Venaware can provide custom web, cloud, desktop, and backend server development and consulting services to clients in every industry. We specialize in application systems tuning and performance improvements. Let us help identify and offer the solutions you need to keep your application or database performing the best it can for your users.

Let us help turn your idea into a solution and help drive your business forward.

● There's No Such Thing As One Size Fits All
● Realizing a Vision, Instead of Fitting in with Someone Else's
● Adaptability and Integration
● Making Software Work For You, Instead of the Other Way Around
● Competitive Advangage
● Mobile Enablement
● Becoming a Platform
● Accelerating Reach
● Powering New Business Models
● Driving Internal Innovation
Experienced, knowledgeable, versatile, proficient, passionate, devotion to quality, attention to detail, patient
● Your Data Is Your Business
● Do It Right The First Time
● Protect Your Data And Prepare For A Disaster
● Unfixed Bugs Suggest Quality Isn't Important
● Fixing A Bug Today Costs Less Than Tomorrow
● A Properly Running System Keeps Users Happy
● Efficient Code Increases Productivity
● No Training Required
● No Overhead
● Reduced Risk
● Increased Transparency
● Improved Process
● Great Developers Aren't In the Job Market








Programming Languages: C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
JavaScript Frameworks: jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, Node.js
Data Storage Technologies: Microsoft SQL, MySQL, SQLite
Security: data and disk encryption, secure authentication, secure transport
Microsoft Technologies: MSMQ, WCF, ASP.NET, WinForms
Web Services and Web API Development
Voice, Fax and Email Messaging Solutions
Application Performance Scaling and Analytics
Application and System Hardening
Database Performance Tuning
Technology Assessments

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