Venaware specializes in Custom Software development and consulting.

This is what we do better than others

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Venaware is a professional software development service provider focused on satisfying our clients’ needs. With over 20 years of professional experience, we specialize in development using the .NET Framework with a focus on backened server development. From design and development, we strive to provide a worry-free experience to our clients (both local and international). Our team is lead by an experienced system architect, that has been designing and developing high concurrency transaction systems for telecom and messaging service providers for the past 16 years. We also provide Microsoft SQL Server database development and optimization with experience in helping clients identify and resolving performance issues with their database and data driven applications.


We start with one or more initial meetings with you to identify the goals for your project and any other specific success criteria that you have.


Next we use the information gathered during the initial meetings to architect a technical plan (including cost estimates and timeline), and review it with you.


With a plan in place, our developers can start building a fully realized version of your project goals. During the building process, we’ll have regular review meetings so you can see progress being made and to ensure your goals are being met according to the plan that was put together.


All code is tested by our Quality Assurance team. Any bugs or issues that are found are entered into an issue management system, which the developers can utilize to fix.


Once the product is stable, it is ready for delivery to you along with well-written and clear documentation. Optional training is available as well as ongoing support and maintenance agreements.